Hight Quality glasses with CR39 lenses for computers that block the blue light emitted by electronic devices, protecting your eyes with multiple benefits and avoiding visual fatigue.


FLEXIBLE HINGES: They accommodate and adjust to the size of your head.

ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT **: ** 0.6 OZ / 0.02 KG / 18 GRAMS

FRAME: Ultra lightweight matte finish with universal fit.

COLOR **: ** Black

** LENS: ** Blue light filter lens with the highest quality standard.
\ - Anti scratches
\ - Anti static
\ - Hydrophobic
\- Easy to clean
\ - Block blue light from digital devices.

FRAME MATERIAL: TR90 / Ultralight Polycarbonate

GENDER: Unisex

\ - Eliminate eye fatigue
\ - Eliminate the married appearance of red eyes
\ - Improve your well-being
\ - Eliminates headaches or migraines caused by high exposure to electronic screens.
\ - Improve your sleep (No more interruptions in sleep patterns)
\ - With your purchase you are contributing to save Colombian ecosystems

GUARANTEE: The glasses have a 12-month guarantee. If you notice defects in the product that are not due to accidental breakage or improper maintenance or use, you can change them for brand new ones.

The lens materials are guaranteed according to their properties: resistance, photochromic, blue light filtering.